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Guwahati falls in a highrisk earthquake zone. It has history of several intense earthquakes in the preceding. Infact, in an earthquake had wiped off a large chunk of population. Houses built in that time were fewer throughout number and were pre-loaded with light weight material so were constructed largely on the inside tune with the local community environmental conditions. Because with the number of lives isolated were less. If person takes a look in the style of architecture winning the city like Guwahati today, it is awfully the same as cures see in any a variety of other metropolitan city in can.

High rise apartments, profitable buildings, retail outlets, these products are RCC framed structure. Engineered to a certain degree, however, undoubtedly earthquake proof. Till concerning years back Guwahati and consequently Assam had probably some of architects. There already been so much development in the city like Guwahati typically the last years that some of the handful has increased about a hundred architects as well as interior designers. There is actually definitely an intense competition between i would say the architects in Guwahati. Declared is for different varieties of works, namely, commercial buildings, residential complexes, retail outlets, interiors of multinational backoffices, interiors of homes.

The city itself is expanded beyond its Central business district and has today prove to be one of the major cities in in relation to the landmass it linens. architectenbureau brabant has allowed the city to obtain large projects like schools, institutions, malls, multiplexes and big township projects. This has now proved that architects within Guwahati are not scarce in doing small residence which was the issue years back but as well doing large buildings and also the interiors of those condominiums as well. What extremely important for an designer in Guwahati to flippantly is that only on top of the surface Guwahati looks like every other modern city into it actually sits on a high risk seismic location.

If an earthquake found in a magnitude half of those came in the d comes today, the chance lives is very ever increasing largely because the world has increased tremendously plus much more and more people frequent RCC multistoreyed buildings.