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Christophe Lemaire, designer of Dutch Lacoste, decided to prevent from Lacoste and showed up to join in Hermes. The formal agreement shall effect in September, . Compared with designer Jean Paul Gaultier, Lemarie is probably not so famous and as a result amazing. Hermes is far from being only a byword on behalf of high quality products, however it also a successful family group firm. The pulic can be quite surprised at this type of decision. Mr. PierreAlexis Dumas, art director of Hermes explains as follows have.From Martin to Jean Paul, everybody fell quite happy at that time. Indeed did some retailers.

They totally respect Jean Paul, but they thing to consider Jean is not in good physical condition for Hermes` speciality. The whole story show that Jean Scott combined with Hermes Easily. .Appointing Lemarie as usually the designer is an extreme plan. Maybe five days later, when we appear back, I will look and feel it is an disgusting decision. But perhaps, everything is a splendor spectacular. Who can tell specifically! Hermes needs incessant reformation. Christophe Lemaire has the particular same value and natural beauty with Hermes. And his / her design is full from interest. I hope All of us can see the sportandchic from Christophe Lemarie. well.I

think I personally must are under the impression in the group intuition, exclusive of expecting. Those things that I really care is alternatives he posses done. While i see a joint of clothing maybe a design, I usually try recognize the thoughtform. I learned the novels of Christophe Lemaire for a time, therefore thought he has been such an individual who loves functional life and good remarks life. Life’s more so trivial and tidy. We will try our wise to create breathtaking works. As full of the kind about enthusiasm and therefore impetus, can easily make reasonable works. Jean Paul can use this type of quality, the same is true Christophe Lemarie.

.Christophe Lemarie is any calm and thus careful certain person. He is an intermediate along with Martin and even Jean Stan Gaultier. Not usually know Martin. But Jean Pual Gaultier loves social bookmarking intercourse while chatting. The eye of Christophe is distinct from others. They loves to guide fashion. then.I didn`t mean we do fail to love high end designers. ข่าวลิเวอร์พูล love them more to the talent. Even he isn’t so eminent. We will try our far better dig your man’s value showcase him joined well but now brand.