Which WiFi signal booster? How to choose a WiFi repeater?

October 2019 Off By admin

None of us like it when the speed of the Internet is slowing down or the signal is constantly breaking. When concluding a contract with an Internet provider, we expect that the speed declared in the documents will be the same with which the network will work on our computer. Unfortunately, the reality is often not so rosy. Wireless Internet connectivity via a router often encounters obstacles such as thick walls and ceilings.

How does the WiFi signal booster work?

The WiFi range amplifier is a small device equipped with appropriate antennas that receive the router’s signal. This signal is then amplified and forwarded to our receiving devices – computers, smartphones, tablets or smart TVs.

All this is done without having to connect the amplifier cables to any device. As a result, the range of our local WiFi network is much wider and the incoming signal is stronger. Of course, nothing prevents you from installing more than one network signal booster in your home.

When is it worth buying a WiFi repeater?

There are many situations where it is worth buying a WiFi signal booster.

Walls of a house or apartment made of materials that suppress range – first of all, if we have a large house or apartment, in which the walls were made of materials that strongly suppress range. For example, from reinforced concrete,  which very often occurs in older apartments from the so-called “large slab”. Number of Phone boosters to stop signal problems in Brazil Other materials, such as brick, wood and even glass, also suppress the range, though to a lesser extent.

Problem with WiFi coverage in the garden – another example is a house with a large garden. Without a signal booster, we should not expect that the signal outside the home will be of good quality.

Problem with the WiFi signal on the floors –

The WiFi repeater will also be useful to us when we live in a multi-family house with several floors. Then it can amplify the signal on floors where there is no router.

Ensuring the stability of the WiFi signal for Smart TV –

Another possible application is to place it next to our smart TV. If we want to watch good quality movies using the Internet, the signal must be stable and strong enough.